Bennifer: Jennifer Garner gives Affleck and J.Lo her blessing

Jennifer Garner gives Affleck and J.Lo her blessing

Jennifer Garner sees the new, old love between her ex and his ex with benevolence

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Insiders have now revealed what his ex-wife Jennifer Garner thinks of the newly inflamed love between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

How does Jennifer Garner (49) stand on the newly inflamed relationship between Jennifer Lopez (51) and her ex Ben Affleck (48)? According to a report by Us Weekly, she is said to have already given the two of them her unofficial blessing. “J.Lo gave Jennifer Garner her approval”, such a source on the entertainment page. The other way around, there seems to be only harmony: “J.Lo thinks Jennifer is a nice and wonderful person and a great mother,” it continues.

Also on “Entertainment Tonight” Garner’s opinion of the couple was already being discussed. There an insider announced that there was no animosity between the parties: “As long as Ben stays on track and the situation is healthy, especially as far as the children are concerned, Jen will be happy.”

Garner and Affleck were married for ten years, from 2005 to 2015, the divorce was finalized in 2018. The two have three children together: Violet (15), Seraphina (12) and Samuel (9). Before Garner, J.Lo was the woman who lived in Afflecks, the two were engaged from 2002 to 2004.

And now they have apparently found each other again: “Friends say, they can imagine that this time they will stay together forever. They love to be together and the weekends that went away together made it perfect. They are very much in love, “US Weekly” quotes its source.

With mother Lopez in Las Vegas

And it seems that J.Lo’s mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, is also enthusiastic about the relationship. Affleck is currently working on a new project in Las Vegas – and was photographed there while working with Lopez’s mother, as pictures from “Page Six” show. It cannot be ruled out that Rodriguez will even work on the project of her daughter’s new, old friend. She undoubtedly likes the environment: Rodriguez is a big gambling fan, as J.Lo once said himself. She has even won $ 2.4 million at Atlantic City Casino once before.