Berlin by La Casa de Papel: release date, trailer, synopsis… all the information on the prequel to one of Netflix’s most popular series

While waiting to discover the Berlin series with Pedro Alonso, here is all the information known to date on the spin-off of La Casa de Papel on Netflix.

This article will be updated as new information is revealed by Netflix and the Berlin series team.

The immense success of La Casa de Papel around the world gave Netflix ideas to expand its universe. Even though Alex Pina’s series is over, the franchise is still in great shape. After the South Korean remake Money Heist: Korea, it’s the turn of the spin-off centered on Berlin (Pedro Alonso) to soon appear.

Also known as Andrés de Fonollosa, Berlin is one of the emblematic characters of La Casa de Papel, since he was the second in command of the heist of the Royal Mint of Spain and also planned the breakage of the Bank of Spain. Here’s everything you need to know about the series dedicated to him.

Release date: Where and when will the Berlin series be released?

Fans of La Casa de Papel will not have to wait very long before discovering the Berlin series, which will be available on Netflix like the original series. The platform recently revealed the release date for the Berlin spin-off: all eight episodes will be posted online on December 29.

Trailer: What do the images of the Berlin series reveal?

The trailer for the Berlin series reflects the character played by Pedro Alonso, who has class, style, humor and charm. It is these qualities, mixed with a touch of madness, which make him carry out his heists, and in particular one: that of the Chez Vienot Auction House in Paris.

The Berlin teaser images promise us lots of adventure, twists and turns and ingenious plans for the heist of the century in the French capital. Sprinkle it all with an impossible love story and voila, fans of La Casa de Papel will fall for this spin-off.

Plot: What is the story of the Berlin series?

The series created by Alex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato – who officiated on La Casa de Papel and Sky Rojo – is a prequel to La Casa de Papel. The story of Berlin therefore takes place before the original series, which is logical since

Berlin sacrificed himself for his group during the heist in the La Casa de Papel game.

Before the events of La Casa de Papel, Berlin is in its golden age and leads a life punctuated by love and money. He is preparing his next big move: the theft of a pile of jewelry worth 44 million. For this extraordinary heist, he will have to bring together a group of criminals ready to do anything for this heist of the century which will take place in… Paris!


Cast: Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño)… Who plays in the Berlin series?

Obviously, Pedro Alonso reprises his iconic role from Berlin since the series centers on him. It’s accompanied by an all-new cast that includes Michelle Jenner (Keila, an electronic engineering powerhouse), Tristán Ulloa (Damián, philanthropic professor and Berlin confidant), Begoña Vargas (Cameron, a suicide bomber who still lives in the limit), Julio Peña (King, the faithful squire of Berlin) and Joel Sanchez (Bruce, the gang’s relentless action man).

The rest of the cast includes Samantha Siqueiros, Julien Paschal, Masi Rodríguez and Rachel Lascar in as yet unknown roles.

And good news, other characters from La Casa de Papel are back and they are two powerful heroines that fans will see again: police officers Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño) and Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri).

The entirety of La Casa de Papel is available on Netflix.

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