Berlin’s CDU boss in the “early start”: “Our country cannot tolerate a new lockdown”

Berlin’s CDU boss in the “early start”
“Our country cannot tolerate a new lockdown”

Berlin’s CDU boss Kai Wegner warns of another lockdown in autumn. “We can’t expect the economy to do that, it’s about jobs and livelihoods.”

The Berlin CDU chairman Kai Wegner has spoken out in favor of further corona easing. “We have to talk about further easing – that’s what the numbers give. It must now be about giving people back their freedoms. We all long for that,” said the member of the Bundestag. Wegner emphasized that the mask requirement only makes sense in local public transport and when shopping. “In public places and on the streets, you can now leave the mask requirement.”

From Wegner’s point of view, the 7-day incidence is no longer the correct benchmark for corona measures: “We have to look much more closely at the utilization of the health system and at the situation in the hospitals and especially in the intensive care beds. That has to be be the basis for further measures. “

Wegner is leaving the Bundestag at the end of the legislative period because he is running for the office of Governing Mayor of Berlin. Should he become head of government in Berlin in the fall, he would absolutely like to avoid a new lockdown: “Our country cannot tolerate a new lockdown. We cannot expect that from the economy, it is about jobs and livelihoods.” In addition, one must also protect the children and young people from a further lockdown: “We have to bring the children back to schools and daycare centers. This is about social contacts and development opportunities for our children.”

As the governing mayor, Wegner primarily wants to modernize the public administration. “The pandemic has shown us what is not working in our country, and digitalization is a very important key word here. We have talked a lot about digitization in recent years, but not really much has happened.” Digitization must finally be promoted. “So stop talking and finally do it.” When asked why, after 16 years of the CDU at federal level, so little was done for the expansion of digitization, Wegner said: “We have already made a little progress. But the funds made available by the federal government must also be called up by the federal states . “