Bernadette Chirac, the mystery thickens around her state of health

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While she has been away from the public sphere for several years, Bernadette Chirac is more isolated than ever. But what do we really know about his condition? The mystery deepens day by day…

His last public appearance dates back to November 9, 2020. On that day, Bernadette Chirac was seen walking with her daughter Claude on the banks of the Seine, masked and in Wheelchair. Since then, the former first lady has done more than discreet. Far from the public sphere since the death of her famous husband, Jacques Chirac, in September 2019, she would live in isolation in his daughter’s residence, quai Voltaire, in Paris. His speeches have become almost non-existent, and those of those around him are just as rare. Difficult, therefore, to know how the former president of the Yellow Pieces operation is really doingwhich will celebrate its 90 years old in May.

One of his relatives, the journalist and politician Patrick de Carolis recently gave some vague news, reports The Women’s Journal. Guest on Sud Radio, Thursday March 23, in the program The Eye of the Expertpresented by Valérie Expert, the former CEO of France Télévisions, currently mayor of the city of Arles, was indeed questioned about the state of health of Bernadette Chirac. “I have news, but… here… He is a person who is withdrawn from society, so I will remain modest about it”, he said soberly. An evasive answer that casts doubt around the true condition of the widow of Jacques Chirac.

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“Claude Chirac put his parents under glass”

Last January, it was the journalist Catherine Nay who publicly spoke about Bernadette Chirac, when she was Jordan De Luxe’s ​​guest on the show At Jordan’s. She said she no longer has so much contact with her, in part because of her daughter, Claude. “I can’t tell if she’s fine. Claude has put his parents under glass”she revealed. “As soon as her father started to be ill, she pushed the reporters aside. She took him away from the guests instead, she closed the doors. And it was the same with his mother, who is still very fragileshe explained, before clarifying that only maybe “a few close friends saw Bernadette”but anyway “no journalist”.

Journalist Henry-Jean Servat also mentioned the state of health of Bernadette Chirac at the microphone of Jordan De Luxe in The Luxury Momentin May 2021. “She’s not doing terribly well, because she’s an old lady now”he first assured. “But I’m not going to lie… and I have Madame Chirac on the phone frequently”, he mysteriously added. According to him, the former first lady “is tired”And“can no longer appear”.


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