Bernard Tapie and his wife Dominique assaulted during a burglary: Current Woman The MAG

Still in shock. The former president of the Olympique de Marseille Bernard Tapie and his wife Dominique were hit and tied up by four assailants at their home in Combs-la-Ville, in Seine-et-Marne, on the night of Saturday to Sunday April 4, 2021 while they were sleeping, according to a police source from BFM TV. The four burglars with the concealed faces broke in, and obviously resented their jewelry. The businessman Bernard Tapie, who received a baton on the head, was already weakened by his state of health but did not wish to be transported to the hospital. On the other hand, his wife, very psychologically shocked, was taken in charge to show what happened that night, although she had no apparent injury.

Stéphane Tapie gives news of his father: “Don’t send a message. The kidnappers have their phones.”

Very seriously ill with cancer of the stomach and esophagus, Bernard Tapie, 78, will soon be tried in May 2021 for “fraud“and”embezzlement of public funds” in the matter of arbitration. He is believed to have benefited from more than 400 million euros from Crédit Lyonnais. The criminals managed to escape without being arrested. It was in fact the neighbors of the Tapie couple who alerted the emergency services. The Versailles judicial police and the Melun prosecutor’s office are now seized of the investigation for theft with violence, according to journalist Mélanie Bertrand.

Even more surprisingly, his son Stéphane Tapie, admiring the strength of his father who fights against cancer, but with whom he often argues, tweeted on Sunday April 4, 2021 to protect his father: “For those who have my father’s phone don’t send a message. The kidnappers have his phones. Thank you.” News that should not reassure admirers of Bernard Tapie.

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