Best Warzone class for Cold War AK-47

The AK-47 from Black Ops Cold War is one of the most iconic weapons in Warzone Pacific. So find out the best accessories and perks you need to equip to abuse them to the fullest.

Assault Rifles are iconic items in Call of Duty, and Black Ops Cold War’s AK-47 is among some of the best weapons in this category. This weapon is capable of inflicting serious damage to your opponents at close and medium range.

And with Warzone Pacific Season 1, this assault rifle continues to be a good alternative to other more meta weapons.

So in order to maximize the potential of the Black Ops Cold War AK-47, check out the best attachments and perks you need to equip for Warzone Pacific Season 1.

Best Cold War AK-47 class on Warzone


The accessories you need to equip on the Cold War AK-47.

The best accessories for the AK-47 CW on Warzone

  • Stuffy : GRU silencer
  • cannon : 18.2″ VDV Reinforced
  • Stock : Skeletal KGB Stock
  • Cannon accessory : Spetsnaz handle
  • Ammunition : 45 round magazine

the GRU silencer improves both weapon damage range, vertical recoil range, and bullet speed. This accessory also allows you to remain invisible when shooting at enemy radars.

the 18.2″ Reinforced VDV barrel allows meanwhile to increase the effective range of the weapon’s damage, which is already impressive base as well as the speed of the bullets?

The Spetsnaz grip will allow you to improve your horizontal and vertical recoil control, which will help you improve the accuracy of your weapon in order to allow you to avoid your shots as much as possible.

The Skeletal KGB Stock will improve your mobility during aiming and your sprint-to-aim transition.

Finally, we will end this class of the AK-47 with the 45 round magazine which allows you to shoot down several enemies in a row without having to reload.

AK-47 Warzone

The AK-47 is a formidable weapon at close and medium range.

Best assets for an AK-47 class

  • Asset 1 : No Run – When using the AK-47 you want to be fast and unpredictable, and thanks to the No Run perk, your tactical sprint duration will increase, allowing you to move quickly on the card. Crouch speed is also increased by 30%.
  • Asset 2 : Overkill / Ghost – For this, use the strategy of using two classes. Choose Overload on the first purchased Supply Drop, then Ghost on the second.
  • Asset 3 : Boosted – The transition speed between your weapons is faster, as is the throwing of your grenades.

There you go, you now know everything about the perks and attachments you need to equip on the Black Ops Cold War AK-47 in Warzone Pacific. Now all you have to do is reproduce this class and judge for yourself its power.

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