Best Warzone Class for Type 63: Attachments, Perks

The semi-automatic tactical rifles of Black Ops Cold War are still very effective Warzone. Discover the best class for the Type 63 which is one of the best weapons currently.

After Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific’s meta change, Tactical Rifles in Black Ops Cold War no longer dominate as much. Despite everything, they remain a force that should not be underestimated at medium and long range. Eliminating players with only two or three bullets, the Type 63 is a formidable weapon.

Although Season 5 shook up the meta, the Type 63 is still a great option for any player with a relatively low aggressive style. So here are the best accessories to equip in order to maximize the potential of the Type 63 on Verdansk.

The best Type 63 class on Warzone

The best accessories for the Type 63 in Warzone

  • Blocked : GRU silencer
  • Cannon: Titanium 16.4″
  • Telescope : Visiontech x2
  • Cannon accessory: Ergonomic Spetsnaz handle
  • Ammunition: 30 round magazine

This class of Type 63 is perfect for dominating at medium to long range and is capable of eliminating enemies with just a few hits. First, we add the GRU silencer. This attachment works similarly to Modern Warfare’s Monolithic Silencer, allowing the Type 63 to do more damage from a distance, while preventing you from being visible on the minimap.

Although the Titanium Barrel 16.4″ claims it only increases shot speed, it actually impacts ball speed as well. Then we use the Visiontech scope x2. This gives excellent magnification and allows you to easily take out enemies from long and medium ranges.

The Ergonomic Spetsnaz handle allows for better weapon control, allowing you to keep shots on target even when spamming. And finally, use the 30 round magazine allows you to fire more bullets without reloading and thus allows you to chain eliminations.

Activision / Infinity Ward

The Type 63 is fearsome on Rebirth Island.

Best perks for a Type 63 class in Warzone

  • Perk 1: Tracker – This perk displays enemy footsteps on the ground, so you can observe their most recent movements in your area in Warzone play.
  • Perk 2: Overkill / Ghost – To do this, use the strategy of using two classes. Choose Overload on the first purchased Supply Drop, then Ghost on the second.
  • Advantage 3: Boosted – The transition speed between your weapons is faster, as is the throwing of your grenades.

And there you have it, you now know everything about the Type 63. Also check out our class of a Black Ops Cold War Assault Rifle that is becoming more and more prominent in the Warzone meta, the XM4.

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