“Bets: Over 12 million viewers at Gottschalk’s farewell

Over 12 million viewers at Gottschalk’s farewell

© ZDF/Sascha Baumann

Thomas Gottschalk (73) appeared one last time on Saturday evening (November 25th) on the ZDF cult show “Wetten,dass…?” – and over 12 million people watched. According to AGF, the show had a viewing audience of 12.134 million. The market share was therefore 45.3 percent.

With this, Gottschalk not only beat all other formats on Saturday evening, but also himself: in the “Wetten,dass…?” edition in November 2022 there were 10.087 million viewers among the total audience. At that time, that corresponded to 39.5 percent of the market share.

“Wetten, dass…?” comeback show with Thomas Gottschalk was seen by 14 million in 2021

Thomas Gottschalk’s first return with “Wetten, dass…?” However, in November 2021 the follow-up shows did not come close. At that time, a sensational 14.46 million people (45.9 percent) watched.

Originally “Bet, that…?” Discontinued in 2014. In November 2021, however, the show actually made a one-off comeback. With 14 million viewers, the return of the classic was so successful that ZDF planned further editions.

Before last Saturday’s edition, Thomas Gottschalk stated in the current issue of the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” that this time it would be a forever farewell to “Wetten, dass…?”. But the show could also continue without him. Like the “Bild” newspaper from ZDF circles want to have found out, “a comeback of the show in the summer of 2025 should definitely find supporters”.

Thomas Gottschalk will soon be on TV again

Thomas Gottschalk himself will not disappear from TV screens either. “Next Saturday I’ll be on RTL again with ‘100 Years of Disney’. So I’ll still be on TV,” he explained to the “Bild” newspaper. He also told the newspaper that he had been “a happy pensioner” for a long time and that his partner Karina Mroß would be happy “if I allowed myself more time for our private life”. He added: “I just had a great holiday in Florida with a woman who loves me, but who doesn’t necessarily have to enjoy me on TV. She also has fun with me in private. I’m still fit enough to live my life enjoy and as long as the audience still wants me, they should have me.”


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