Better than the original? – This is how good sugar-free hazelnut waffles taste

Everyone knows the popular hazelnut waffles that are filled with chocolate cream and pieces of hazelnut, unfortunately there is a lot of sugar in this product, whether original or imitation. The popular waffle is now also available sugar-free. We tested it. You can read our conclusion in the trends.

Crunchy, creamy, sweet – this is how hazelnut waffles should be. Unfortunately, fat and sugar make these waffles an unhealthy sin. But that need not be! For lovers of sweets, there is now an alternative: waffles without sugar! We have tested and rated three products. The result: better than we thought!

Hazelnut wafers without sugar

We were very excited about these NO SUGAR ADDED wafer bars. They were made vegan, without sugar and palm oil. They also score with a high fiber content. The taste? Fantastic! These waffles are really recommended. They have a crispy consistency, no unpleasant aftertaste and do not taste artificial at all. No wonder the product is currently a bestseller on Amazon …

9 pieces
€ 2.26
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Hazelnut wafers without sugar

In addition to waffles, the manufacturer has many protein-rich products in its range. The waffles are supposed to be a healthier alternative to the original. In terms of taste, these waffles are really good! At 103 kilocalories each, they are also not too significant. There is only a point deduction for the ingredients, because nobody really needs that many ingredients in a small waffle.

3 x 21.5 g
€ 3.07
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Hazelnut wafers without sugar

This manufacturer also focuses on nutrient-rich foods (especially for athletes). These hazelnut wafers convince in terms of both taste and nutritional composition. They are an ideal pre-workout snack and, unlike many other products, also provide plenty of protein. But the same applies here: the list of ingredients is almost endless …

7 x 19.5 g
€ 15.32

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