Better update now: Google discovers serious exploit in Chrome, immediately delivers emergency patch


Google discovered an exploit in the Chrome browser and immediately released an emergency update. You should update the browser immediately.

You can take your settings in the Google Chrome browser with you as backups to a new device. (Source: / monticello)

Just a few days ago, Google released an update because of a zero-day security vulnerability in Google Chrome, and now the next one is following.

Google lists the new bug with the name “CVE-2024-4761”. According to “Bleeping Computer”, it is a write access problem that affects the Chome V8 JavaScript engine.

Such “out-of-bounds” problems are said to occur when a program is granted write access outside of a specific array or buffer. This can lead to unauthorized data access, remote code execution, and crashes.

Roll-out for updates has begun

Google has fixed the security hole with updates 124.0.6367.207/.208 for Mac/Windows and for Linux (124.0.6367.207). The patches will be rolled out over the coming days and weeks. As soon as they are available, you should update.

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