“Betty’s Diagnosis”: No new episode of the hospital series

The current series news in the GALA ticker: “Betty’s Diagnosis”: Even today, fans see nothing new from Aachen +++ “The House of Dreams”: The series is on TV at Christmas +++ “Storm of Love”: Paul Cancels the wedding with Josie +++ “In all friendship”: Sad news for fans of St. Nicholas Day.

The series news in the GALA ticker

December 9, 2022

“Betty’s Diagnosis”: The broadcast break of season 9 continues this week

“Betty’s Diagnosis” is currently running on ZDF in the 9th season – but the popular hospital series is currently taking a break from broadcasting. Actually, fans can look forward to new stories from the Karlsklinik every Friday from 7:25 p.m., but this Friday, December 9th, instead of a new episode, there will only be a repeat from 2021 with the episode “No reception”. A little consolation for the viewers: The break will be over next week and there will be a new episode!

And in “Hour of Truth” there are some exciting developments: Between Betty (Annina Hellenthal, 39) and her friend Rike (Isabell Horn, 38) there is currently an ice age. Betty is angry because Rike secretly stopped taking the pill and thus betrayed her friend Oliver (Alexander Koll, 42). Will the two get back together in this episode? dr Nadira Abbas’ (Yasmina Djaballah, 51) daughter turns up surprisingly in the Karlsklinik – and has more than one visit in mind. If you really want to know what’s next: The next episode can already be streamed in the ZDF media library.

December 8, 2022

“The House of Dreams”: History series comes on December 20th on free TV

“The House of Dreams” fans – and those who want to be – can look forward to Tuesday, December 20th: Because shortly before the start of Christmas, the private broadcaster RTL will broadcast three episodes on two consecutive days and thus the entire first season of the series. The date is not random: parallel to the free TV premiere, the first episode of the second season will be available on RTL+. Season 2 of “The House of Dreams” will have six episodes, like the first season. A new episode is available online every Tuesday.

The series is set in the late 1920s and early 1930s: At Torstraße 1 in Berlin (the Jonass department store at the time), different people come together who have one thing in common: they all have plans that they want to realize at any cost. Among the people are the destitute Vicky (Naemi Florez), who fled the country to escape her poverty, and Harry (Ludwig Simon), who could no longer bear to be in his golden cage. The soundtrack to the series will be released digitally and on CD on Friday December 9th, with a vinyl version planned for a later date.

December 7, 2022

“Storm of Love”: Overwhelmed by fear, Paul now wants to cancel the wedding with Josie in a hurry

“Storm of Love” fans had to wait for many weeks and months, now it’s finally within reach: the happy ending of Josie (Lena Conzendorf, 31) and Paul (Sandro Kirtzel, 32), the dream couple of the current season. And until recently everything looked as if nothing would stand in the way of the wedding of the two – but when they enter the meadow on which the two are supposed to say yes, Paul is overcome by the memory of Romy’s death ( Désirée von Delft, 37), which collapsed right before his eyes at that very spot.

“It was supposed to be the best day of our lives and then it became the worst,” says Paul in tears in front of Christoph (Dieter Bach, 58). He can no longer look forward to marrying Josie – he is too afraid that the same thing could happen to her, even though he knows full well that his worries are irrational. “This feeling will lead you astray,” warns Christoph – but without success. When he later meets Josie at home, Paul makes a momentous decision that throws Josie completely off track: “I can’t marry you.” Has the dream wedding fallen through or can Josie help her fiancé to overcome his trauma? The next episodes will show that.

“Storm of Love”: Paul overcomes irrational fear.

© ARD/WDR/Bojan Ritan

December 6, 2022

“In all friendship”: Today there is no new episode of the hospital series

This St. Nicholas Day on Tuesday, December 6th is anything but cheerful for “In All Friendship” fans, because there is no new episode of their favorite hospital series. Last week, Tuesday, November 29, “In aller Freundlich” had to make way for the soccer World Cup in Qatar. And this week, too, the sporting event is messing up the usual broadcast schedule on the first: the round of 16 Portugal vs. Switzerland will be broadcast here from 8 p.m.

Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy, and fans can gather a lot of it over the next few weeks: there will only be new episodes on Tuesday, December 20th, at least two in a row. It then starts at 8:15 p.m. with the episode “States of Emergency”, followed by “@Weihnachten” – a highly dramatic episode just in time for the Christmas season. Incidentally, this is episode 997 and 998 – the 1,000. The anniversary episode is only a few weeks away and is expected to air in spring 2023.

December 5, 2022

“Storm of Love”: Gerry and Shirin could soon be over

“Storm of Love” fans all have their favorite couples: On the one hand, there is of course the dream couple of the current season, consisting of Josie (Lena Conzendorf, 31) and Paul (Sandro Kirtzel, 32), who will soon be celebrating their wedding . On the other hand, there are of course many other couples in the telenovela, such as the controversial couple Carolin (Katrin Anne Heß, 43) and Vanessa (Jeannine Gaspár, 30). The fans definitely want to continue seeing a series favorite in his current partnership: Gerry, played by Johannes Huth, 33, with his girlfriend Shirin, played by Merve Çakir, 28.

But this relationship of all things could soon come to an end, as the actor told the online magazine “OK!” has indicated. While both actors have precise ideas about a dream wedding for Gerry and Shirin, current developments could stand in the way of the happy ending, after all Shirin recently had a serious accident and is at risk of losing her sight.

"storm of Love": Gerry and Shirin before their accident

“Storm of Love”: Gerry and Shirin before their fatal accident.

© ARD/WDR/Bojan Ritan

In any case, Johannes has concrete ideas for the future of his character: “I think that Gerry needs something that challenges him. Maybe a situation in which he has to take on a responsibility that he is initially not up to.” He cites a separation as an example. “It would certainly be interesting from an acting point of view. Especially if it affected the relationship with his great love Shirin.” Could his wish come true? That will become clear over the coming weeks and months.

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