between Dancing with the Stars and Mask Singer, what is the host’s salary?

Camille Combal hosts several shows on TF1 such as Danse avec les stars and Mask Singer. But what is his salary?

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Camille Combal made her debut as a radio journalist. He started at Fun Radio where he worked between 2004 and 2006. He then became a presenter on NRJ then on Virgin radio between 2006 and 2012. At the same time he began working on television for the M6 ​​group. We were thus able to find him in AZAP or even in the second part of the tele-hook The New Star. In 2012, he became a columnist for Europe 1 until 2014. But, it was while working for Do not touch My TV ! broadcast on C8 between 2012 and 2018 where he had a humorous column on the media that Camille Combal made known to the general public.

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Alongside Cyril Hanouna’s show, he continued on the radio and hosted several shows on Virgin radio between 2014 and 2020. In 2018, he finally left C8 to join TF1. He began by co-hosting the 9th season of Dance with the stars with Karine Ferri. He then replaced Jean-Pierre Foucault at the presentation of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? In 2019, he began to host a whole new show broadcast on the first channel: Mask Singer. Besides that, he produces several shows like A golden family, Camille & images or Welcome Back. But how much does the presenter earn working on all these programs?

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What is Camille Combal’s salary?

Camille Combal is on all fronts. After Nikos, he has become one of the new emblematic presenters of TF1. But, he never revealed his salary. He simply confided to Libération in November 2023: “I earn a good living”, without revealing more. When Télé-Loisirs asked him the question, he preferred to respond by making a little joke. “The problem is that I am only paid in holiday vouchers by TF1”, he laughed.

While no figures have been released regarding his salary for Dancing with the Stars, Mask Singer or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? Cyril Hanouna made revelations about his pay when he was a columnist in Do not touch My TV. In 2018, after his departure from the program, he claimed that Camille Combal had touched 15,000 euros per issue. If we do not know the salary of the presenter of Dance with the stars, however, we can think that it is more or less aligned with that of other TV presenters.

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The substantial salary of TV presenters

It’s no surprise: TV presenters earn a good living. According to information from Capital, Nikos Aliagas would receive 27,000 euros per issue of The Voice and Jean-Pierre Foucault pockets 35,000 euros when he presents Miss France. In 2023, Benjamin Castaldi made big revelations about his salary. He would have received nearly 680,000 euros per season of Secret Story and 45,000 euros per edition of Loft Story. Finally, for the New starhe would have earned 20,000 euros per bonus.

On Cyril Hanouna’s set in April 2023, he even said: “One day I was paid 120,000 euros per day”, before specifying: “It was for the animation of a convention of a famous group of real estate agents in Monaco. It was very well paid.” As for Stéphane Rotenberg who hosts both Top chef And Beijing Express on M6, he never wanted to reveal his salary. But, he said on the microphone of L’Equipe: “We are paid much less well at M6 than at Canal, at TF1… For equal notoriety. I would say three times or four times less than at TF1 but I would say that the gap has narrowed.” Confidences which suggest that Camille Combal is better paid than him.


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