Between false buyers and sellers, the Kretz family criticized

In the issue of Voici this Friday, April 19, 2024, several revelations were made about the most popular real estate series in France: L’Agence. According to the information obtained by the magazine, the Kretz family tends to come to terms with reality, we explain.

This is THE family of real estate agents that viewers are most passionate about. For several years now, four seasons, the adventures of the Kretz family in luxury real estate have been followed by hundreds of thousands of viewers whether on Netflix or TMC. If the Kretz tribe is a seemingly ordinary family, their daily life is a completely different story in reality. For almost four years, Olivier, Sandrine, the parents as well as their four sons, Martin, Valentin, Louis and the youngest Raphaël who has just joined the agency on a work-study basis, have revealed to us the underside of their work as a real estate agent. luxury.

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It is through a series called The Agency: luxury real estate, let this warm tribe reveal their daily life to us in a world made of rhinestones and sequins. Between clients with colossal means, exceptional properties located in the four corners of the world, Paris, Cannes, Costa Rica, Ibiza, New York, Barcelona and many others… and eventful family life, the success of the series is well the appointment.

The Agency: revelations behind the screen

Such a success that a fifth season is in preparation and the Kretz family had the idea of ​​releasing a book telling in a more intimate way certain passages of their private life. It is also in this book that we discovered many anecdotes about the family such as this day when the father of the family threatened his eldest son Martin with divorce after a big argument or the superb photos of Majo the grandmother in a bikini in the 70s.

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But it is not the Kretz family book that has been controversial for several hours. Indeed, in the new issue of the magazine Here is published this Friday April 19, 2024, many revelations have been made about the underside of the successful series. If we have seen many personalities trusting family members to find them their next home or their future office like François Berléand or Fabrice Luchini, the reality would in fact be very different!

The Agency: a business not as transparent as it seems

Behind the dream and the glitter that this happy tribe has been selling us for all these years, much of it would actually be very far from the truth. According to information collected by the magazine, the Kretz family would make some small arrangements to make the images shown on the screen much more impressive than they are in reality. A transformed truth that has been brought to light. Indeed, according to the magazine, the tribe very often calls on “fake buyers» or even “fake sellers» found thanks to their extensive address book to portray the roles assigned to them.

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It is a real estate agent in the sector who reveals the underside of this deception to our colleagues, “the market reality is far from that» he affirms before continuing: “Once the cameras are turned off, the price is halved or tripled, and often the sale doesn’t even close“. Enough to make this series lose its splendor, but also the endearing members of the Kretz family.

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