Between Trackmania, Forza Horizon and Hot Wheels, THQ Nordic announces Wreckreation

Well known for having been founded by former Criterion Games, Three Fields Entertainment is still looking for its first success despite the few promises of its Dangerous Driving, a spiritual sequel to Burnout released in 2019. With Wreckreation, the studio is changing its register and wants to leave Speak player creativity with an open-world racing game whose whimsical circuits are reminiscent of Trackmania and the Hot Wheels expansions of Forza Horizon.

Wreckreation is therefore presented as a large sandbox of 400 km², called the MixWorld, where players will be free to shape spectacular tracks by placing ramps, springboards, half-pipes or even mobile obstacles. The goal of the studio is to give players full freedom of customization. “In the MixWorld you are a god“, which involves controlling the climate, the time of day or even traffic.

The rankings are divided into seven categories of events including skids, stunts, accidents and of course speed. The vehicles are also customizable from the outset (paints, finishes, wheels, exhaust flames, windows, tires, manual or automatic transmission). On the sound side, the game will offer 16 radio stations but also the possibility of broadcasting its own playlists Spotify. Announced for 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC, Wreckreation will be playable at gamescom Cologne from August 24-28.

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