Between us: Constantin Lücke replaces Ben Ruedinger as Till Weigel

It continues with Till Weigel in the RTL series "Unter uns". After Ben Ruedinger left, Constantin Lücke took over the role.

New face, well-known character: As the broadcaster RTL announced, the actor Constantin Lücke (41) slips into the well-known "Unter uns" role of Till Weigel. Ben Ruedinger (44), who has held the role since 2000, voluntarily said goodbye to the series. The production then decided not to let the character die, but to fill it up without further ado. The change is also woven into the plot: Till is hit by a car and spends a long time in a coma, after waking up he has changed unexpectedly.

Lücke seems to have already arrived in his new job. In the interview he says that he was warmly welcomed by the team and his colleagues: "I really enjoy working with 'my two wives' Isabell Hertel and Claudelle Deckert. (…) We were immediately on the same wavelength." His predecessor Ruedinger seems satisfied with the selection: "I am very pleased that Till Weigel will continue to be embodied by Constantin Lücke in the future." He is a great colleague and will effortlessly continue the role with his own charm.