Beverly Hills Cop 4 on Netflix: Is the Eddie Murphy movie any good?

Number 2 in the Netflix rankings, has “Beverly Hills Cop 4” succeeded in its comeback with viewers? Verdict.

Thirty years after the last installment, Axel Foley returns in Beverly Hills Cop 4. The film, available on Netflix, marks the return of Eddie Murphy as the character who made him popular in the eighties. If this opus didn’t really convince us – read our review here -, what about the spectators?

On AlloCin√©, the fourth part of Beverly Hills Cop gets an average of 3.5 out of 5. This is in line with the first two films – 3.6 and 3.1 – and much better than the third part – 2.6 out of 5. A small selection of spectators’ opinions:

According to Harry6489 (4 out of 5): “Without a doubt, Axel F.’s greatest asset is the return of Eddie Murphy in the iconic role of Axel Foley. From the very first minutes, the actor rediscovers his legendary energy and humor, which made the success of the original films. (…)

Overall, “Axel F.” is a fun and entertaining film that will please fans of the original trilogy. It may not be the best of the series, but it is a welcome return for Eddie Murphy to a role he made famous..”

According to Pierre Mora (4 out of 5): “Not the movie of the decade but a good entertainment that reminded me of my childhood. Eddie Murphy doesn’t look his age.

According to Smoker One (4 out of 5): “A good time in the company of Axel Foley and his companions (who have aged a lot though)! The film is rhythmic and really nice. Action and good laughs with some tirades from the Cop from BH. For my part, who grew up with his films, Eddie Murphy is true to himself and gives us pleasure and nostalgia. “

According to Gerard Stevenson (3.5 out of 5): “30 years after the third part, Eddie Murphy returns (on Netflix) for his fourth time in the role of Axel Foley. The fact that he is less exuberant, more sober, this raises (enormously) the level of the saga.

We find the car chases, the action, the original actors (including the return of Taggart), the lines, Foley’s trickery. Added to this are the guest stars (Kevin Bacon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who are up to the task. For those who especially enjoyed the first “Beverly Hills Cop”, it’s a bit of nostalgia that reigns.

According to Brice L (3.5 out of 5): “A sequel that could have easily had its place in the cinema, it’s a successful return for our good old Eddie Murphy who hasn’t aged a day, the return of the actors, brilliant, the soundtrack that takes us back 20 years and more.

Eddy Murphy has lost none of his acting skills, he is full of energy and has not lost his humor that we find in this 4th part… It’s entertaining, an explosive mix of humor and action. 3.5/5 for me.”

What about the bad reviews?

According to Mel from Paris (2.5 out of 5): “The franchise still seems stuck in the 80s/90s, with a plot that not only doesn’t innovate but also appears positively antediluvian, with Axel F. still displaying the attitude of a cheeky teenager…

According to XaD (2 out of 5): “A largely dispensable fourth opus and without surprises for nostalgic bedridden people. Despite a few more or less successful winks to the cult scenes of the first part and the music that has not aged a day, the hackneyed scenario and the historical actors at the end of their tether quickly transform this nostalgia into depression..”

According to Thierry B. (1.5 out of 5): “Lazy and ultra classic scenario worthy of an AI. Can’t wait for the real one, maybe it won’t be worse. (…) Film from another era that wants to capitalize on the old good films from the 90s except that the mixture doesn’t work anymore.

Blame it on the new era. Luckily there is Netflix (lotus). Meh, if you have kept your child’s soul or if you are a teenager.”

Beverly Hills Cop – Axel F. is available on Netflix.

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