beware of “single baiting” this technique of toxic seduction

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Some people in a couple knowingly omit to tell other singles that they are not free. This is “single baiting”.

Fidelity is an essential element in a couple. But you don’t have to go so far as to commit to another romantic or sexual relationship. for trust to be betrayed, or even to harm his couple. Certain behaviors that are not cheating “on paper” are very toxic and can lead to the explosion of the couple. Among them, we find “single baiting”, literally “baiting singles”.

This is for a person in a relationship not to specify that they are already in a relationship when discussing with a single person. This is not a simple oversight because the opportunity to talk about it did not arise, but of a willful omission, which continues even when the discussion turns flirtatious. It may just be a one-time little thrill that helps to flatter one’s ego. But some may indulge in single baiting on a regular basis and deliberately seek to seduce or be seduced by single people.

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Rediscover the energy of the beginnings

It is not you don’t have to go beyond flirting for this behavior to damage the relationship. In addition, the single person in question also risks suffering when he discovers that the person in question is in a relationship. According to sexologist and therapist Ness Cooper, interviewed by Subway, flattering your ego is not the only thing that drives single baiting. It may be wanting fill a gap in his current relationship.

This can especially happen when one member of the couple no longer feels sufficiently stimulated by this relationship. He then seeks from a third person a motivation that he should seek from his partner.. It also happens when a “spark” is missing, when the relationship gets bogged down. We then seek the energy of the beginnings from another. But for the sexologist, in most cases, the followers of single baiting will place themselves in an even more tense situation than before. Developing your relationship can only be done with your partner.

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