beware of spoilers, excerpts from the game are already circulating on the web

While Starfield is already in the hands of the press and influencers, excerpts from Bethesda’s game are currently circulating on the web. To avoid spoilers, it will be necessary to remain vigilant on certain sites like X, Reddit or YouTube.

Credit: Bethesda

It has become a sad habit in the video game industry. Each release of a highly anticipated title is often spoiled by the publication on YouTube and other sites of gameplay extracts, cutscenes or even the entire scenario. In May 2023, we remember that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom was already available for illegal download 10 days before its release!

But before that, another leak in February 2023 on Discord shared the entire Zelda: TOTK Collector’s Edition art book. A disaster for fans and for Nintendo, the book containing many details on the game’s scenario, on key characters or gameplay mechanics.

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Excerpts from Starfield are already leaking on the web

And as expected, Starfield will also be a victim of these indelicate players… Indeed and as reported by our colleagues from the Eurogamer site, excerpts from Bethesda’s game are already circulating on the web. In particular, we can see gameplay, cutscenes or even customization options. Searching well, you can also discover the first 30 minutes of the space RPG.

Difficult to determine the origin of these leaks, although it should be remembered that the press and influencers have been in possession of the game for a few days now. In addition, be aware that some lucky players have also already received their Constellation collector’s edition, two weeks before the release of the title. It often happens that independent retailers do not bother to respect the official release dates and to sell games well before their official launch.

If like us, you’re eagerly waiting to get your hands on the most anticipated game of the year, be very vigilant on certain sites like YouTube, X (Twitter), Reddit and other social networks focused on video games. Especially since it is necessary to be lucid, leaks on Starfield will multiply at great speed as its release approaches, still scheduled for September 6, 2023 on Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Source: Eurogamer

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