beware of the scams of bogus agents of the Banque de France

The Banque de France warns against consumer credit scams. The name and telephone number of the Banque de France are now used in the context of fake brokerage fraud.

Attention! If someone from the Banque de France calls you to reassure you and tell you to trust the broker who called you earlier, it is a scam. No Banque de France agent is involved in the subscription of bank loans. In a press release published this Friday, the Banque de France therefore calls for the greatest vigilance.

For this scam, the scammer uses the telephone number of the Banque de France in order to mislead you and direct you to this fake broker. If in any doubt, contact your bank directly or call the Banque de France yourself on 3414 or 0173 0334 04.

Who is behind credit scams on the internet?

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Recommendations in the event of a scam

In its statement, the Banque de France lists a number of precautions to follow if you fall victim to this scam:

  • Above all don’t pay money (or don’t pay more)
  • Don’t answer anymore to the solicitations of the scammer
  • Identify all changes that you had with the scammer (emails, screenshots, contract, contact details…)
  • If you suffer damage, you should file a complaint with the Gendarmerie or the Police as soon as possible
  • Ask your bank as soon as possible to remind you of the transfer(s) sent to try to recover the funds.

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