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To travel with SNCF, you can decide to buy a reduction card which allows you to pay less under certain conditions and depending on your age. There is, for example, a senior advantage card, but also a youth advantage card and an adult advantage card.

What are these SNCF “advantage” cards?

THE “young” advantage cards, “adult” and “senior” generally cost 49 euros and are valid for one year. However, they do not all have the same advantages. The youth card allows, for example, to have certain trains at -50% and others at -30%.

Several times a year, sometimes during Black Friday but not this year 2023, SNCF offers these reduction cards at half price, or 24.50 euros. Cybercriminals have understood the existence of these promotions and are taking advantage of them to create scams that resemble them.

What is the discount card scam?

In recent days, SNCF users have received an attractive offer by email, which strangely resembles emails that could have been sent by the French National Railway Company… But that is not the case.

The criminals took advantage of the fact that it was Black Friday to invent a promotion. So, according to them, the advantage cards were reduced by 95% and only cost 2.45 euros instead of 49. This is obviously false! The cybercriminals took the defect even further by indicating that the offer ended on November 28.

If in doubt if you receive this type of email, check the email address with which the email was sent. Then, go to the SNCF Connect site from a browser and not from the email, you will see if there really are reductions.

How to buy an advantage card?

You can buy an advantage card at any time from SNCF website. Also, you can wait until there are offers, this sometimes happens several times a year randomly. The last time the advantage card was on sale was at the end of August. So be patient.

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