Beware of this fraudulent SMS which mentions a late payment of a fine

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February 15, 2023 at 09:00


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Have you dodged the CPF and carte vitale scams? Distrust, new fraudulent SMS are circulating…

This time, cybercriminals have decided to impersonate certain public services, starting with the National Agency for the Automated Processing of Offenses (Antai).

A “late payment of fine”? It’s a scam!

For a few years now, we have regularly received fraudulent SMS and other e-mails from cybercriminals. The objective is always the same: extract the bank details of the victim and/or force him to pay a few euros to recover a ” package blocked “, order your new vital card…

Recently, a new scam has been spreading by SMS, this time concerning late payment of a fine. ” The SMS pretext that the recipient has a “late payment of a fine”, the message is followed by a link leading to a fraudulent site such as “”, “”, etc », Explains the official website of the French administration.

In this regard, the Antai recalls that any SMS can only be transmitted in the presence of a law enforcement officer and that there is only one site to pay for fines: amendes.gouv. Fr. But the SMS scams don’t stop there…

The Crit’Air sticker and the fuel allowance also concerned

Indeed, another SMS scam is currently circulating, this time inviting the victim to claim his precious fuel allowance of 100 euros. Again, the message suggests that the user click on a link that will allow him to claim this aid put in place by the State. The French administration recalls that the DGFIP never sends SMS to promote the fuel allowance.

But that’s not all, since the Crit’Air sticker is also the subject of a scam recently, still based on SMS.

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This sticker is mandatory if you drive in low mobility emission zones (ZFE) or during a pollution peak in the event of implementation of differentiated traffic, but once again, the Crit’Air site of the ministry n do not send messages to users to buy the sticker. So be wary if an SMS invites you to place an order.

If you are the victim of an online or SMS scam, it is possible to transfer the message to a specialized reporting platform, on 33 700. You can also report fraudulent messages to the website.

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