Beware of this “guaranteed savings” electrical box scam

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Scam alert! Following the rise in electricity prices, companies have found a new system to rob the French. We tell you everything.

You have to do well watch out for scams, which can turn into bank scams in no time. At the end of 2022, many scams have taken place with Christmas meals or even through the calendars of garbage collectors, apple workers, etc. Unfortunately, the latter are thus more and more common, and succeed well in order to defraud the French and French. One of the latest? A electricity scamwhich promises to help lower your bill.

Indeed, it is not very difficult for canvassers to find an attentive ear when they offer a miracle solution to pay less for electricity. THE bills have increased considerably lately, people approached want to know more about what is available to them to pay less. And, given the general fed up with inflation, one can only understand.

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A box to reduce your electricity bills

These calls have become frequent and unfortunately many fall into the trap. The canvassers call the French on their mobile phone, directly, and thus promise a solution to reduce their electricity bill by 20%. In what way ? There box delivery. France 3 contacted a young woman from Marseille, victim of this scam, in order to collect her testimony as a precaution.

The latter reported that she had to deal with “shipping and service charges for the installation of 12 euros” despite a promise of free. In order to reassure the people on the phone, the company certifies its reliability by ensuring that it is state mandated for the free distribution of energy-saving boxes”. EDF, the main electricity supplier in France, assured that it was false since it does not not “canvassing”. In order to warn people, the company has been mentioned on scam SEO sites such as “”. Pay attention to phone calls that you receive.


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