Beyoncé, Ronaldo … here are the most missed

Creating a statue in honor of a celebrity is usually rewarding. But when it turns into a joke, perhaps it would have been better to abstain …

A double of wax or steel, what a consecration, what a tribute! Well, not always. Some museums and municipalities should have thought twice before unveiling to the public the immortal "works" supposed to celebrate such and such a star or a great name in history. A quick overview of the worst statues ever seen.

Feminist Mary Wollstonecraft

This statue of the British feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft was unveiled in London in mid-November 2020. But the expected tribute fell through. Tiny in size, the monument represents this exceptional woman .. completely naked. We have known more adapted.

Ronaldo football player

What to say about this bronze of footballer Ronaldo? Installed in 2017 at Madeira airport, the statue has since been replaced by a more similar one. But we will never be able to forget the original …

Beyoncé singer

In 2017, fans of the singer shouted scandal when they saw this unlike statue with bleached skin, which looks more like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey or even Kate Hudson than Queen B. Disappointing, coming from the famous British wax museum Madame Tussauds (in this case, its Hollywood branch).

Princess Diana

From Princess of Hearts to Princess of Horrors: in 2017, here is the fate of the Dreamland Wax Museum for poor Lady Diana, who really didn't need this. Neither do our eyes, by the way …

Comedian Kev Adams

Without wanting to, the double of the comedian and actor makes us laugh. Thank you, the Grévin museum. What a beautiful year 2017.

Actor Tom Cruise

This statue of the actor, dating from 2007, gives the impression of stepping out of a horror film sponsored by a brand of toothpaste. This museum in California does not really make us want (or so, to run away).

Actor Leonardo Dicaprio

The handsome Leo seems unrecognizable and this photo, taken in 2014, is without appeal: even he seems to be grumpy. Hollywood's Madame Tussaud is truly a pale reflection of the parent company in England.

The star couple Victoria and David Beckam

The Great Yarmouth Museum, located in Norfolk County and home to the duo's statues, is considered to be the world's worst wax museum. We understand why.


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