Beyond Good and Evil 2 becomes the game with the longest development time

14 years old. That’s what it took to get your hands on Duke Nukem Foreverlegendary game of 3D Realms finalized by Gearbox Software after a more than chaotic development. The game will have marked the players by its enormous design time, spread between 1997 and 2011, but another title AAA worse.

This title is Beyond Good and Evil 2 ofUbisoft. As a journalist from Games Industry, BGE2 was announced 5,244 days ago, through a trailer in 2008before returning to the front of the stage at theE3 2017 with a very different video. And the game is always waiting, Ubisoft remains discreet about the progress of the development and the designer Michel Ancel left the ship two years ago. To compare, Duke Nukem Forever has been waiting for 5,156 days.

A record that will probably not boast Ubisoft and which will continue. According to hallway noises, Beyond Good and Evil 2 reportedly just went into alpha with external tests. You can wait while you find the first opus at €1.49 (-70%) on

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