Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, things are moving on the remaster side

While the players are mostly waiting Beyond Good & Evil 2which can boast of being the video game with the longest development time, Ubisoft revealed last November Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Editiona remastered version of the first part for modern platforms.

A title expected at the start of 2024, but information is rare. However, things seem to be moving forward internally, as the video game classification body in South Korea has just listed Beyond Good & Evil Remastered in its database. Yes, the title is no longer the same, it remains to be seen whether it is an error on the part of the organization or whether Ubisoft changed the name to simplify it.

The classification of the game does not tell us much, except that it isan adventure title aimed at players over 12 years oldthe original opus (available at €4.99 on had as a reminder a PEGI 7+, but the rules have changed a lot in 21 years. To find out the precise release date of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition/Remasteredwe will have to wait for an announcement fromUbisoft.

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