BFM-TV and RMC employees called on to disengage for salary increases

Employees of NextRadioTV, parent company of BFM-TV and RMC, are called on to disengage until Wednesday, June 23, in the evening, to demand salary increases, union sources announced on Tuesday to Agence France-Presse (AFP ). An announcement that comes a year after an unprecedented strike lasting several days against job cuts.

The call for walkout, launched by an inter-union (CGT-CFDT-SNJ-UNSA-CFTC-FO), was voted by some 150 employees at a general meeting, two having voted against, three abstaining, said Paulina Benavente. , SNJ union representative. It started Tuesday at 2 p.m. and is due to end Wednesday at 11:59 p.m., the unions urging employees to “Stop work for an hour or two” coordinating “To impact the antennas”, she added.

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At the origin of the movement, the failure of the annual compulsory negotiations (NAO), during which the unions demanded a collective increase of 2% for the employees of the media subsidiary of the Altice group (BFM-TV, RMC, RMC Sport , BFM Business, RMC Découverte, RMC Story…).

“Having the means to carry out our jobs”

The management, it proposes in particular a collective increase of 1% concerning 197 employees (whose gross fixed annual salary is less than 35,000 euros), out of a total of approximately 1,500 (including 1,100 permanent contracts), deplores the unionist. . While the group’s media branch has garnered “37.1 million euros of net profit in 2020”, according to her.

Employees are also worried “The consequences of the voluntary departure plan” launched last year in particular to cut 245 permanent positions, insisted Paulina Benavente, pointing to a lack of organization. “We have no technical assistance on weekends, employees are denied their holidays …”, she listed. “We want to have the means to do our jobs” after “A somewhat complicated year”, summarized Thomas Léonetti (CGT). Asked by AFP, the management declined to comment.

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In a letter sent to employees, consulted by AFP, the managing director of Altice Media, Arthur Dreyfuss, stressed that the subsidiary was, at its ” knowledge “, the “The only major media group to apply a collective increase this year”, among various measures, while recalling the bonus of 1,000 euros paid to all employees at the end of 2020.

In 2020, a strike lasting several days against the voluntary departure plan led to the cancellation of election night for the second round of municipal elections.

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