BHL – We must block Mélenchon

Lhe good news from Sunday is that Mélenchon will not be Prime Minister.

He had said, before the presidential election, in defiance of the spirit of the law and without ever clearly stating with whom, Le Pen or Macron, he planned to cohabit: “elect me at Matignon”.

Well, he lost his bet.

It will be, according to projections, far from the majority of deputies.

It is better, of course, than the Rassemblement national whose anchoring, however, is confirmed.

It is much better than Reconquest, its carnival sovereignism and its leader who dreamed of being Barrès, or Bonaparte, and will have had, by way of 18 Brumaire, only a 1er pitiful April and a dry elimination from the French political scene.

But finally, for him too, the joke is over.

And the man supporting Bashar al-Assad, from the m…

illustration: dusault for “the Point”

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