Biathlon Junior World Championships – Top talent Andexer ran really hot in the “ice box”.

The biathlon talent from Salzburg showed a top performance in the first competition of the youth and junior world championships in the USA and was rewarded with a top place.

This start gives Austria’s biathlon offspring hope! At the start of the youth and junior world championships in Soldier Hollow, USA, the individual competitions for youth were on the program. And Anna Andexer more than lived up to her reputation as a top talent. The 19-year-old from Salzburg was on course for a medal halfway through her competition, but then made too many mistakes at the shooting range. Minus 13 degrees at the youth and junior world championships With four “tickets”, which meant the equivalent of three penalty minutes (in the youth area, a mistake punished with 45 penalty seconds in the individual), the athlete from SK Saalfelden nevertheless ended up in a strong seventh place. She defied the adverse conditions, because the thermometer showed temperatures of minus 13 degrees Celsius. When the Swede Sara Andersson won, she prevailed over the German duo Iva Moric and Selina Grotian, Selina Heigl (USC Altenmarkt/Zauchensee) landed with them five penalties in 28th position. Lena Pinter (T) was 36th, Anna-Maria Schrempf (St) 50th.Haslinger made too many mistakesIn the boys category, the only 17-year-old Finn Arttu Heikkinen showed an outstanding race and triumphed despite two shooting errors Jakub Borgula (Slk) and the German Albert Engelmann. Things didn’t go according to plan for the red-white-red hopes. Andreas Domes (St) finished 17th with three penalties as the best Austrian. Lukas Haslinger, who competed for HSV Saalfelden, was not able to call up what he is capable of at the shooting range and had to accept six “tickets”. In the end, 41st place was immediately ahead of Daniel Glasser (Upper Austria). Fabian Müllauer, like Haslinger from Saalfelden, did not start due to a cold in the last few days as a precaution and is focusing on the sprint on Friday. On Thursday, the JWM adventure also begins for the junior class with the individual competition. The further program of the JWM in Soldier Hollow (USA):24. February (19.00): Junior singles male24. February (22.00): Juniors Singles Female25. February (19.00): Youth Sprint Male25. February (22.00): Youth Sprint Female26. February (19.00): Youth Sprint Male26. February (22.00): Youth Sprint Female27. February (19.00): Youth Pursuit Female27. February (20:00): youth pursuit male27. February (22.15): Junior Pursuit Male27. February (23.20): Junior Pursuit Female1. March (19.00): youth relay male1. March (22.00): youth relay female2. March (19.00): junior relay male2. March (22.00): Junior Relay Female
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