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Big Brother 2020: This is how the candidates will live in the container flat share

From February 10th it says again: "Big Brother is watching you!" Then the "normal" flat share starts and the 20 th anniversary of "Big Brother" draws unknown candidates into the TV container for the first time since 2015. Now Sat.1 has revealed further details about the reality show. Among other things, the transmitter provides an insight into the living situation of the residents.

Luxurious or simple

The 14 residents will live in two completely different areas. Half of them can enjoy luxurious amenities in a futuristic glass house. Technical refinements, gadgets or a whirlpool make everyday life easier in the approximately 200 square meter house. However, they will also be permanently exposed to viewer feedback.

For the other half, "Back to the Roots" is the order of the day in the rustic log house. You have to invest significantly more teamwork to achieve a reasonably comfortable standard of living. The only highlight here: a rocking bench in the garden. They also have to cope with around 100 square meters less living space than their spoiled "roommates" in the glass house. However, they are spared the direct feedback of the viewers.

These are the residents

So far, Sat.1 has not published any photos of the residents – only the names, place of residence and a brief description of themselves have been communicated in advance. The 33-year-old Mac, start-up founder from Austria, for example, says: "At first glance, I look like an uneducated, criminal, self-loving unsympathetic. Talk to me and I will take away your prejudices!"

At 19, the youngest candidate is Gina. The waitress from Bavaria is aware that she is probably the nestling, but warns of caution: "Those who underestimate me have already made the first mistake." The oldest in the house is René, 44 years old, kung fu teacher and health coach from Bavaria.

In this season, the viewer can not only call for his favorites, but also rate the behavior of all residents once a day using the app. A minimum of one star and a maximum of five stars can be assigned here. The resident value is then determined with all evaluations. The effects of this will only be revealed in the first live show.

When does it start?

The move-in sequence will air on February 10th at 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1. After that, the live broadcast will take place every Monday at 8:15 p.m. Afterwards "Big Brother – The Late Night Show" runs live on Sixx and Joyn. In addition, one more shipment is planned for Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. The daily summary is repeated on weekdays at 10:00 a.m. "Celebrity Big Brother" moderator Jochen Schropp (41) will lead the live shows.

In 2000, candidates were accompanied for the first time by cameras in their everyday life in the container. Participants like Jürgen Milski (56) or Zlatko Trpkovski (44) were celebrated like celebrities after they moved out. Four years after the last season at RTLzwei, sixx was already trying to make a comeback for the show in 2015. After the 12th season, however, no more followed.

The offspring "Celebrity Big Brother" has been running on Sat.1 since 2013. Most recently, "Cologne 50667" actress Janine Pink (32) took the win. In 2020 there will be another season.

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