big change for the film that could divide fans

The One Punch Man film has been quiet since its announcement. Four years after the news, it is finally becoming a little more clear, with a team that will not please everyone.

One Punch Man is still popular. Season 3 of the anime, entrusted to the JC Staff studio, was strongly announced as recently as last February. The universe imagined by ONE and taken up by Yūsuke Murata has amused and surprised since 2009 with the same energy as at its beginnings.

So, with the renewed enthusiasm for live action manga adaptations, the superhero Saitama could not dodge the phenomenon. Thus, a One Punch Man movie in live action was announced in 2020. The project has received little attention since then, but news risks worrying fans…

© ONE / Yūsuke Murata.

Will the One Punch Man film bring its storyline to an end?

To produce this ambitious idea for a One Punch Man film, we find Sony Pictures. On the production side, Justin Lin will be behind the camera. The latter is accumulating projects, having just been made official for the thriller Stakehorse. However, this news also allows us to learn more about the progress of the manga adaptation.

In fact, the Hollywood Reporter article dedicated to the director reports that there would be changes for the One Punch Man film. The scenario would in fact be in the state of rewritingand for good reason: there are new feathers on the scene.

Originally, Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner were the pair in charge of the script. However, they are no longer mentioned here as being attached to the project. It’s another duo who takes up the torch, and not the least. Dan Harmon And Heather Anne Campbell are now officially in the script. The second also expressed her joy on X/Twitter, declaring: “ I think it’s officially safe to say, I’m working on the One Punch Man movie. It’s gone “.

The duo is already known to the general public for a series with regressive humor. Harmon happens to be the co-creator of Rick and Morty. Campbell, meanwhile, joined him on the sixth season of the animated series after Justin Roiland was fired. Having already collaborated together on such an offbeat universe, the pair promises lots of laughs for the adaptation of Murata’s wacky manga if they manage to fit in the very particular comedy they are used to.

However, four years after its announcement, the One Punch Man film seems to be stalling. Not only does it return to the starting point on the writing side, but the choice of screenwriters risks dividing. Finally, one should not expect to see the casting and even less the shooting will take shape quickly. Let’s hope, at least, that the project will eventually come to fruition…

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