Big delivery of quarterly results in the United States

Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Intel will submit their financial results to the stock market verdict on Wednesday. In terms of statistics, German and British consumer prices will lead the session.

Morgan Stanley

Big delivery of quarterly results in the United States | Photo credit: Morgan Stanley

The quarterly corporate results season continues this Wednesday, with, in particular, bank publications Bank of America and Morgan Stanley, but also ofAlcoa, Intel (member of the Dow Jones), Procter & Gamble (DJ) and UnitedHealth Group (D.J.). In Europe, investors will watch the results of the Dutch semiconductor giant ASML. In France, we will have to wait a little longer for the big names in the Cac 40 to deliver their financial performance. This Wednesday, operators will have an appointment with the results ofArgan, as well as the 2021 turnover of HighCo and of Virbac.

High inflation on the Old Continent

On the statistical front, theinflation will once again be the center of attention. December figures for the United Kingdom and Germany will be published before the opening of the Stock Exchange. In both cases, high inflation is to be expected, respectively 5.3% and 5.7% over one year. During the morning, operators could be sensitive to the GDP growth and L’direction of employment in the third quarter in the euro zone before focusing, in the afternoon, on data relating to building permits and housing starts in the United States during the month of December. The construction sector is facing shortages of all kinds (wood, components, labour).


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