Big present: The Christmas streaming highlights on Sky

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The Christmas streaming highlights on Sky

Hugh Grant as British Prime Minister in Love Actually.

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The Christmas season invites you to spend relaxing hours on the sofa at home. Sky also has numerous classic Christmas films on offer.

For many people, a Christmas without contemplative films and film classics is unthinkable. Like many other channels, Sky is getting in the mood for Christmas and has been on Sky since December 1st Streaming service Wow has the most beautiful Christmas films in store on demand. Christmas fans will find what they’re looking for around the clock from December 11th to 26th on the Sky Cinema Christmas channel, which was launched specifically for the holidays. These are the highlights.

“Indeed… Love”

It is the Christmas film par excellence: For many, “Love Actually” is an integral part of the contemplative time. In the romantic comedy from 2003, many facets of love are told through small stories. For example, the newly elected British Prime Minister David (Hugh Grant) falls in love with his maid Natalie (Martine McCutcheon), writer Jamie (Colin Firth) takes a liking to his Portuguese housekeeper Aurelia and Mark (Andrew Lincoln) confesses to Juliet (Keira Knightley). Wife of his friend Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor), his love.

“The little Lord”

“The Little Lord”, a British television film from 1980, is also part of the Christmas TV program. The focus is on eight-year-old Cedric “Ceddie” Errol (Ricky Schroder), who lives with his mother in modest circumstances in New York. His father was English and so it happens that Ceddie’s English grandfather, the Earl of Dorincourt (Alec Guinness), brings the boy to his castle to raise him appropriately as heir and “Lord Fauntleroy”. The warm nature of his grandson gradually softens the grumpy old man’s heart. The Earl even reconsiders his dislike for Ceddie’s mother and appears forgiving.

“Buddy – The Christmas Elf”

Buddy (Will Ferrell) happens to be a stowaway in Santa Claus’s workshop at the North Pole. There he grows up as an elf with a foster father, but as he gets older he realizes that he doesn’t fit into the world of elves. So he sets out to find his real family in New York. Big city life soon clashes with his North Pole habits and his real father doesn’t immediately welcome him with open arms. But at Christmas, Buddy can pursue his true calling.

“The Polar Express”

“The Polar Express” (2004) tells the story of a little boy who waits for Santa’s sleigh bells on the eve of Christmas. Instead, a train stops at his doorstep and the conductor of the Polar Express invites him on a trip to the North Pole. On the adventurous journey the boy not only meets other children. The train is causing problems, even though it has to reach the North Pole before midnight otherwise Christmas will be cancelled. For the computer-animated film, the actors, including Tom Hanks, were first filmed and then transformed into digital characters using facial expressions and gestures.

“Love doesn’t need a vacation”

In “Love Doesn’t Need a Holiday,” Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz) from Los Angeles and Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) from Surrey, England, dare to experiment: Using an exchange platform, they decide to make their houses available to each other over Christmas . Amanda, the owner of a movie trailer agency in Hollywood and single, meets Iris’ brother Graham (Jude Law) in England, who throws her off guard. Iris, a columnist for a London newspaper and unhappily in love with her colleague Jasper for three years, meets the film music composer Miles (Jack Black) in Los Angeles. The thought of returning to their old home becomes more difficult for the two women every day.

“About a Boy or the Day of the Dead Duck”

An evergreen that shouldn’t be missed at Christmas time: Nick Hornby’s book “About a Boy” from 1998 was successfully made into a film in 2002. In the comedy, Will Freeman (Hugh Grant), who is enjoying his single life in London, meets 12-year-old Marcus (Nicholas Hoult), who is considered a strange outsider at his school. Marcus hopes Will will make him cool and confident. A very special friendship develops between the boy and Will.

In addition to those mentioned, Sky Cinema Christmas has many other classics in its range at Christmas that are part of relaxed holiday hours in Germany. These include “The Grinch”, “Beautiful Presents”, “Charles Dickens’ Christmas Story”, “The Miracle of Manhattan”, “Meeting Mr. Christmas”, “A Christmas Story Christmas: Quietly the stress trickles down” and “Christmas Is Canceled” as well as “Bridget Jones – Chocolate for Breakfast” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.


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