Big resignation: the French want to live in the countryside and telecommute

2022 is the year of the great resignation. Almost 500,000 French people on permanent contracts have resigned overnight since the beginning of the year and this figure is likely to persist in the months to come. This phenomenon follows the Covid-19 crisis and the upheavals it has caused.

Webmarketing training: how to improve your work/personal life balance?

Impossible to miss, digital is an integral part of the lives of millions of French people: 93% of them use the internet daily, more than 7 hours a day on average. This is an increasing figure and the periods of confinement and the implementation of telework for many employees have contributed to this digital acceleration. Companies are also becoming more and more dependent: 8 out of 10 companies believe that digital is a driving force in their strategy.

But these changes have taken place too quickly: 50% of companies do not have the skills to ensure this digital transition and need external resources. Many employees are also faced with an unknown and wish to be trained in digital. To be at the level, freelancers and employees are obliged to master skills that are completely new to them: management of digital tools, ensuring their online presence, having the basics of web marketing. To achieve this, the French call on professionals and train in digital technology.

There are dozens of online training courses but we have selected one, embodied by Thibaut Trézières and Marine Le Niger, two entrepreneurs and digital specialists. This is Digital Winner Academy which helps you plan your web marketing strategy step by step in order to develop your online visibility through social networks, SEO, advertising buying and e-mailing. Created in 2022, it offers 35-hour certifying training courses that are CPF eligible.

Our training program is available on Youtube:

Their observation is simple, most online training is useless, boring and does not allow students to take action. That’s why everything is 100% online, with access to 15 hours of videos, 10 hours of practical cases dedicated to your project and 10 hours of live coaching workshops with Marine and Thibaut.

“No more two-ball formations, mytho Youtubers and bogus promises. Here we really help you to develop your online sales,” says Thibaut Trézières.

The training is aimed at and adapted to all profiles looking to evolve and improve their digital skills: e-merchant, site editor, influencer, coach, consultant, merchant or digital employee.

We had access to training and here is what we learned:

  1. The “Test and Learn” method so that students can quickly test their ideas and gain operational efficiency
  2. All the tools and supports necessary for the performance of marketing actions
  3. Notion templates that you can copy and adapt to your business in just a few clicks: a single workspace to learn and manage your business on a daily basis

We love :

  • Project-oriented digital marketing training: out of 35 hours, 20 hours are devoted to your project via practical cases and live coaching workshops
  • The training delivers an RNCP title registered with France Skills under the number RS5210 “Developing your activity with webmarketing”
  • Fast paced, short and easy to consume videos, you won’t get bored.

Telecommuting at sea or in the countryside, and why not you?

Since Covid-19, many French people have chosen to settle far from major cities. No more urban rhythm, place in a maritime or rural atmosphere, according to the desire of each. This phenomenon has been democratized since the more regular implementation of telework in a large number of French companies. This increasingly fashionable work organization has upset the priorities of many employees. Indeed, 8 out of 10 Parisian executives plan to leave the French capital to settle by the sea or in the countryside and work remotely. They are looking for a better quality of life, a quieter environment, better purchasing power and bigger housing. It is only natural that they turn to the countryside or the sea for this research.

Hundreds of thousands of French people have already taken the plunge. This is the case of Emma, ​​who is very happy: “Jbought a little house by the sea and for the world I wouldn’t change my way of life “, she confides to the media Le Bonbon. Settling by the sea or in the countryside means ensuring a gentler life, a more relaxed pace, a more pleasant living environment, while remaining close to major cities. It is possible to reach Paris in less than 3 hours by TGV from most major cities in France. This is a determining factor in the proper implementation of teleworking, as is the acceleration of digital. It is now easy to manage your company or business remotely from your country house.

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