Big sales increase for parcel giant: Corona crisis causes UPS shipment flood

The Corona Crisis is suffering for one, but it is also joy for the other. The lockdown has paralyzed stationary retail for weeks. All the more, customers ordered online. The American parcel giant UPS is now benefiting from this.

The parcel service UPS can look forward to growing sales figures. In the Corona crisis, more and more customers ordered goods online. With the flood of consignments, sales in the second quarter rose by around 13 percent to just under 20.5 billion euros, the company said in Atlanta today.

The growing flood of consignments during the corona pandemic and the transport of medical and pharmaceutical goods are fueling the business of the parcel service, according to Group CEO Carol Tomé. "Our results were better than we had expected, which is partly due to the increased demand from private customers as a result of the Corona crisis. But also the large number of shipments of medical devices and the growing demand in Asian markets have driven our business," said the CEO Tome.

The home market in particular is booming for the American company. Revenue climbed around $ 2 billion to $ 13 billion in the quarter as a result of the growing package boom. However, the corona crisis was very demanding for UPS employees, says Group CEO Tomé. "UPSers keep the world moving during this time and I would like to thank our team for the hard work and for our employees always serving customers and communities."

However, it is not only the American market that makes the UPS messengers rotate; the company is also feeling growing demand on the international markets. Asia makes a significant contribution to this and the booming online trade in Europe has also fueled the company's order situation. However, the group still leaves an annual forecast open.