Bill fraudsters – cashier cheated out of money with a trick

Common criminals target postal partners. The perpetrators buy little things. When paying, the staff at the cash desk is asked to change banknotes – and the employees are deliberately confused. In the Neusiedl district, two strangers have already made rich booty with this simple trick.

The fraudsters first appeared in Jois exactly two months ago. After that, the two professional criminals must have tried again and again to pull the money out of their postal partners’ pockets. The trick was always the same: Disguised as harmless customers, the bill fraudsters bought cheap items such as a 0.5 liter bottle of mineral water or chewing gum in a branch.

When paying, the cashier was involved in a conversation. A perpetrator cleverly talked to the employee, while the accomplice asked the woman to change five 10-euro bills into one 50-euro banknote.

Police warn
“The fraudsters put pressure on their victims in order to overwhelm them. This means that it is easy to make mistakes when counting the banknotes, ”one investigator knows from the interrogations of injured parties. Sometimes the thieves are so nimble that they even snatch banknotes out of the money compartment unnoticed. In most of the current cases, the mean coup was not noticed until the cash register closed. There is currently no trace of the two bill fraudsters.