Bill Kaulitz: Did he get a facial tattoo?

Real or fake? Tokio Hotel singer Bill Kaulitz shows up on Instagram with a face tattoo. The fans are divided about it.

Tokyo hotel singer Bill Kaulitz (30, "Boy Don't Cry") has numerous tattoos. Now a new one has been added – at least at first glance. The 30-year-old shows himself on Instagram with a facial tattoo. Apparently he got an "LA" on his cheek that looks like the logo of a baseball team from the US metropolis of Los Angeles, where Kaulitz lives.

However, it is not a real tattoo, as the singer explains in the accompanying comment. "Real or fake, henna vs. real tattoo. Either, right? I just do both! The face is still washable (sic)," writes Kaulitz.

"Please no real face"

The Instagram community, meanwhile, is at odds as to whether Kaulitz should actually get a face tattoo. "Please don't have a real one on your face" or "Thank God it's henna," some say, while others would like to see the 30-year-old with a tattoo on his cheek. "Oh my god, do it. So hot," comments the Drag Queen Candy Crash.