Billie Eilish and Co.: These stars are criticized for Halloween costumes

Billie Eilish and Co.
These stars are criticized for Halloween costumes

Billie Eilish is causing a stir with her costume this year.

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Many stars celebrated Halloween on October 31st. While some have received praise for their costumes, others have received negative attention.

On Halloween (October 31), some stars have resorted to creative and unusual costumes. For example, Heidi Klum (49) meandered across the red carpet as a worm at her famous horror party, while Kim Kardashian (42) inspired Mystique as the “X-Men” character. But there are celebrities who have overshot the mark this year in terms of disguise – and now have to take criticism for it.

Kendall Jenner ruined childhood

For example, Kendall Jenner (26), who dressed up as the popular “Toy Story” character Jessie. for the look, which she presented via Instagram, the model grabbed a tight white and yellow top as well as a red hat and black and white riding chaps. Underneath she wore short denim hotpants. She had braided her hair into two pigtails.

But some fans were upset about the tight look. One declared that Jenner would “ruin his childhood”. Another user wrote: “This is a kids movie, WHY?!?” Another user pleaded, “Stop spoiling my favorite childhood character.”

Billie Eilish as a baby

Singer Billie Eilish (20) is also being criticized at the moment. The 20-year-old and her alleged boyfriend Jesse Rutherford (31) drew attention to the much-discussed eleven-year age difference with their costumes. like pictures, who popped up on Twitter, show, Eilish dressed up as a baby and Rutherford as an old man for a party. The Neighborhood frontman sported a fake bald head and gray mustache, while the singer donned a pink bodysuit and bunny slippers.

While a few users defended the 20-year-old, others were critical of the costume. “Billie is mature enough to know how weird and scary this is,” one wrote on Twitter. Others find the look “embarrassing” and “very strange”.

Athletes as serial killers

Australian football star Jack Ginnivan (19) decided to dress up as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer (1960-1994). Featured on Instagram the athlete in a white T-shirt with blood stains. The glasses are very reminiscent of the model Dahmer wore.

Due to the popular Netflix series “Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer”, many feared that people would dress up as the serial killer on Halloween. The costumes are a slap in the face, especially for the families of the 17 victims. A fan therefore wrote: “Pretty bad taste. Crosses the line.” Another said: “What an absolute disgrace. The AFL should penalize and/or suspend him immediately.”

Machine Gun Kelly as Priest

Machine Gun Kelly (32) and his fiancé Megan Fox (36), on the other hand, are attacked because they with their Halloween costumes “ridicule” Christianity. While the singer threw himself into a priest’s robe, the actress had a leash around her neck. Fox wore patent leather lingerie, fishnet stockings and thigh-high black boots. “On Sundays we go to communion,” wrote the 36-year-old.

A short clip also shows Kelly putting a host in her mouth. “I don’t like these costumes at all. And making fun of the Lord’s Supper makes me sad!!!” wrote one angry fan. “Have you noticed that Christianity is the only religion that is openly mocked and people Find that funny? Hmm,” another follower said.


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