Billie Eilish: She declares war on Bodyshaming

US young star Billie Eilish (18, "Bad Guy") has made a short film against Bodyshaming – the humiliation of a person due to his appearance – and also produced it himself. She announced this as part of the presentation of the dark work entitled "Not my responsibility" on Instagram.

The dark and poetic clip

In the almost four-minute-long piece, the singer gets rid of her black clothes in a dark room and finally dips into a basin with a thick black liquid in a black bikini.

Accompanied by a spherical carpet of sound, her poetic chant can be heard: "Do you want me to be smaller? Weaker? Softer? Larger? Do you want me to be quiet? Do my shoulders provoke you? My chest? Am I my belly? Mine Hips? The body I was born with isn't it the way you wanted it to be? "Asks Billie Eilish calmly.

"Although you have never seen my body, you judge it. Why?" She accuses her critics. Finally she wants to know: "Does my value only depend on your perception? Or is your opinion about me 'not my responsibility'?"

Clip shown for the first time in March

The short film was produced for the "Where do we go?" Tour, always wrapped up in oversized clothes, and was first shown in March, Miami, Florida. Further dates of the world tour have been postponed due to the corona pandemic.