Billions in demands: Bahn calls GDL "excessive and lack of solidarity"

Billions in claims
Bahn calls GDL "excessive and lack of solidarity"

Once again, Deutsche Bahn and the train drivers' union GDL are heading for a tough wage conflict. While the competing trade union EVG has shown itself to be modest in view of the Corona crisis, the GDL has submitted 58 partly expensive claims.

The collective wage demands of the train drivers' union GDL on Deutsche Bahn would, according to the company, result in significant cost increases. Personnel manager Martin Seiler spoke of horrific and unrealistic demands that endangered the mobility transition. "The GDL now has to stop denying the corona damage and adopt common sense," he said. The billion dollar package with a total of 58 demands by the union was "excessive and lacking in solidarity".

The Union of German Locomotive Drivers (GDL) demanded 4.8 percent more money retrospectively from March 1 for the upcoming collective bargaining round, as well as a corona bonus of 1,300 euros. In addition, there are demands for allowances, working hours, vacation and qualifications. This goes far beyond the collective bargaining agreement that the larger railway and transport union EVG has already negotiated with the railway and which is to apply until the beginning of 2023.

46 percent higher personnel costs

In the case of train personnel, the GDL package of demands would lead to cost increases of 46 percent, the railway announced. "That is a dimension that is irresponsible in view of the critical situation," it said. Details of the calculation were not included. According to Deutsche Bahn, the increase is due to the fact that operations are hindered and the deployment of staff is more difficult.

In addition to the train crew, the union had also submitted demands for employees in vehicle maintenance, network operation and track maintenance. She is fighting for influence with the larger railway and transport union (EVG). Before entering into collective bargaining, the railway should guarantee that it will apply the GDL collective agreements.

The group is in the process of implementing a law according to which in a company only the collective agreement with the union with the largest number of members applies. In many cases this is not the GDL, but the EVG. "We are still ready to work with both unions to find a solution for an orderly coexistence," assured Seiler. He accused the GDL of playing for time.

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