Bing, Edge and Skype with ChatGPT: Microsoft distributes updates for Android and iOS


ChatGPT is coming to iPhone and Android. Microsoft has released new updates for Edge, Bing and Skype. However, only a few enjoy it.

The artificial intelligence ChatGPT is now integrated into the Microsoft apps for Android and iOS. (Source: Microsoft)

  • Microsoft recently introduced its new AI feature for Edge and Bing.
  • The integration of ChatGPT is intended to help Internet users surf the web.
  • Now there are updates for the mobile apps that bring the feature to smartphones and tablets.

The publication comes as no surprise, as the updates for the apps have already been announced. Now Microsoft has released the updates for Android and iOS. ChatGPT can now be used with Bing, Edge and Skype on mobile devices.

Among other things, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to answer complex questions and even hold conversations. But also the summarizing of articles and much more is possible with the AI.

Microsoft has given its apps a new design, and the Bing app now also offers voice search. The AI-powered Bing is also part of Skype. The service should be able to answer questions and provide information in group chats, among other things.

However, those who are looking forward to going to the App Store will be disappointed. The use of the feature is still only possible for testers who have registered in the waiting list with their Microsoft account and have been activated. According to Microsoft, more than a million people from 169 countries are currently on the waiting list.

Would you like to become a tester yourself? Then you can register for the waiting list on the Bing website. Microsoft also shows you some usage scenarios for using the new AI function.

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