binnoex presents UI / UX design of the planned real-time trading platform

The binnoex founding team presented the layout of their planned exchange at a live online event at the beginning of June. In addition, their current financing round is still running for almost 30 days, and as an investor you can benefit directly from the company’s profits.

Clear, user-friendly and distraction-free trading. These are the keywords that explain the design and handling of the platform. The live event, at which the introduction round took place, was hosted by the crowd investing platform Fundernation. In addition to interesting insights into the company structure, you could get to know the founding team and their ideas. The two young entrepreneurs also posed a question and answer session from the audience. In addition to questions about the aspiring BaFin licensing, the exchange’s own token was also addressed, for which there should be a right of first refusal for every investor in crowd investing.

In addition, they announced team-expanding news. In addition to a developer, they were also able to win a web designer for themselves. The competent mix of creativity and energetic implementation was an important step for the still young company, which is currently still looking for a CTO to oversee the technical team and the associated development.

Financing round as a kind of safe haven

In addition to a staking platform, which is currently in the alpha phase, and an information portal for decentralized applications (dApps), the company is still offering a financing round for almost 30 days for anyone who no longer wants to be tied to price gains on individual coins. “Our company is built on several pillars, which is the great advantage of an investor,” explains Matthias Küffner, one of the two founders of binnoex. “With our current financing round, you are no longer tied to the development of individual coins, but participate directly in the profit and the company valuation of our company.”

The high volatility brings advantages for binnoex and investors

The price correction a few weeks ago put most investors in the red in their portfolios. With the binnoex model, high price fluctuations tend to have positive effects for an investor. On May 19, when Bitcoin briefly fell to USD 32,000, the exchanges earned themselves a golden nose again thanks to the trading commission. That should make every investor think about whether he or she might not diversify his portfolio a bit more broadly in the future and also profit from the profits of a future stock exchange.

The two young entrepreneurs definitely have big plans for their planned trading platform, which in their eyes should only be another step in the company’s history. “Most crypto companies only concentrate on the small percentage of German-speaking society that already uses crypto currencies,” said Sebastian Nickl, also founder of binnoex. “But it is much more important to introduce the skeptical investor to digital currencies.” Which is why your equity crowdfunding offers an easy way to get in touch with digital technology for the first time.

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