BioWare focuses on the gameplay of Dragon Age: The Veilguard

Finally revealed during the Summer Game Fest, BioWare wanted to take the time to develop the gameplay a little more. Dragon Age: The Veilguard. The studio will also have been obliged to reveal a little bit upstream, as what was presented was not convincing. And we can’t say that these new 20 minutes of immersion were much better.

The artistic direction was one of the most negative points when the game was announced. And even if it means enraging the community, you might as well follow through on your ideas. This is why this Dragon Age: The Veilguard bases much of its gameplay on the license’s least favorite game.

It mainly focuses on real-time action, like the good action-RPG it thinks it is. A tactical mode still seems to be on the horizon. Like Mass Effect, opening your skill wheel pauses combat and allows you to give orders to your companions. A nice addition, but quite painful to use.

The camera also seems very static and requires manual manipulation at all times. Hopefully this is just for this show. Because with the rather narrow plots of land that are offered, we quickly risk not seeing much of anything there.

Like any BioWare game, the stories based on player choices are major. We therefore find a wheel of dialogue allowing us to respond to other characters with a specific tone or mood. Unfortunately, it would have been better not to draw inspiration from Mass Effect: Andromeda at that level. The acronyms supposed to help us find our way have no meaning. And the studio knows it very well, since it was obliged to explain each possibility.

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