Birgit Schrowange: Presenter has put wedding preparations on hold

Birgit Schrowange (61) and her fiance Frank Spothelfer are in no hurry to get married. "I was very happy that Frank made me a marriage proposal. But that doesn't mean that I have to marry immediately. Corona has now put a spanner in the works for us anyway," the moderator told spot on news in an interview about her new one Book "Birgit unvarnished: Learned from life" (ZS Verlag). In it she writes, among other things, about money and men.

How are you experiencing the corona crisis right now?

Birgit Schrowange: Like everyone else, I am at home with my friend in Switzerland, where I do a little home office. Promotional appointments, reading tours and talk show appearances were canceled.

Your new book is also about money. What is your most important message to the readers?

Schrowange: I found that many women are not interested in money. Those in a relationship often leave investment to their partners. I think women should take responsibility for their finances themselves. Even with small sums starting at 25 euros, you can invest in a global equity fund or ETF every month. In the past 30 years, this type of system has made an average of eight percent a year regardless of all crises.

How did it come about that you dealt with it at a young age?

Schrowange: I had a relationship with a man who lived in New York for eight years and was therefore very much in America. There it was normal for everyone to have shares and for retirement to be based on share savings plans. This is how I first came across the subject. But I've always saved, usually ten percent of my income. Even if you make little money, you should make sure that you still put something back, for example, occasionally refraining from coffee to go, and saving the saved money monthly in a fund. When I was in my early 30s, I slowly began to approach stocks and invested. My pension plan is based on monthly savings in various equity funds.

You submitted your TV show a few months ago. Are you missing something today?

Schrowange: No. People always think I retired, that's not true. I just posted my shipment, nothing else. After 40 years in front of the camera, I just wanted to have a little more freedom, sometimes going on trips. I had my show for 25 years. It was just the right time for me to go now. And as the saying goes: When it's most beautiful, you should go. But I still have a lot to do, work for my advertising partners Adler and Basica, will soon go on a reading tour, moderate events. I am still committed to the RTL children's homes and the ark. I think if you rest, you rust. However, now I only do things that are fun and fulfilling. And I also cancel a lot. I have learned to say no over time.

You have decided to live to be at least 100 years old. What are your goals and wishes for the next 40 years?

Schrowange: The next 20 years should be the best of my life. The duty is done, now there is only the freestyle. The luck curve rises again from 54. Before, it was like many people: I was busy with my job, and also a single mother. I was always under power and stress. I don't want that anymore.

Did your relationship play a role in your departure from "Extra"?

Schrowange: This decision to stop broadcasting didn't come overnight. I've been thinking about it for the past three years. I felt more and more that it no longer suits me so well. And for me it was very important that I decide for myself when to go. In addition, of course, my friend lives in Switzerland and I didn't always want to pack suitcases on Sunday evenings. In the end that was one reason, but not the decisive one.

In your book you warn of a certain type of men. Are women less likely to fall for narcissists in the second half of their lives?

Schrowange: For me it is generally very lucky that in the second half of my life I found someone with whom it fits. I would never have expected that. In the past, I was often more superficial, didn't see the really good men and kept attracting alpha men who wanted to explain the world to me. Frank is not like that. At some point I decided to let my gray hair grow out because I wanted to stand by myself as I am. And that's how I pulled the right man into my life. Another big advantage is that our children are grown up. I don't really believe in patchwork family happiness. With us, the external circumstances are right. And in our relationship we have this lightness and the certainty that it fits incredibly well.

What about the wedding preparations?

Schrowange: We put them on hold for now. I was very happy that Frank made me a marriage proposal. But that doesn't mean that I have to get married immediately. Corona has now put a spanner in the works anyway. We want to take our time and make the wedding a beautiful event. It also has to fit professionally. My friend has a lot to do as the managing director of a company. But don't worry: I'm still under the hood!

What do women friendships mean to you?

Schrowange: I also have a best friend. But one of my closest friends is Isabel Varell, whom I've known for almost 40 years. We trust each other and can tell us everything. You don't need a lot of friends either, two to three very good ones are enough. People who are really there when you feel bad. And these are usually the ones you have been associated with for a long time. A life partner cannot cover everything. It is important that everyone still has their own life. If you only squat together for two, it's boring in the long run.