Birgit Schrowange: She is celebrating her comeback on TV and will soon get married

Birgit Schrowange
She is making her comeback on TV and is about to get married

The real RTL face Birgit Schrowange is celebrating her TV comeback on the competing broadcaster Sat.1.

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Birigt Schrowange is back! The presenter will take over three programs on Sat.1. She also revealed that she will be getting married soon.

Actually, 2019 was already over, now there is the role backwards: The presenter Birgit Schrowange (63) is celebrating her big TV comeback. In the coming year she will take over three different programs on the private broadcaster Sat.1. “2020 and 2021 were the best times to take a break, take a deep breath and concentrate on myself and my loved ones,” explains Schrowange according to the industry service “DWDL”.

Now, however, is the best time “to immerse yourself in the adventure of television again. I’m looking forward to my new projects on Sat.1,” continues Schrowange. On the one hand, the presenter will present a series of reports in the summer, but two other formats will soon be broadcast: In “Birgit’s strong women” she will portray the special living conditions of unknown women in everyday life. In addition, in “We will be more” she will show stories from different families that expand in various ways.

The wedding should take place next year

But there is also news privately: In a statement in the “Bild” newspaper, Schrowange revealed also that she and her fiancé Frank Spothelfer (55) will soon be husband and wife. She is celebrating her birthday in April, “by then the lady will be gone with me”. Her Franky is her stroke of luck: “We just fit together, we make life between Mallorca, Cologne and Switzerland as beautiful as possible.” Therefore one wants to “get married in any case”.

That’s what Sat.1 says about their new deal

“There is hardly a more credible ambassador on German TV to address adult and self-confident women than Birgit Schrowange,” says Sat.1 broadcaster Daniel Rosemann about his new deal. Schrowange is therefore a perfect match for the new Sat.1: “Welcome to the Sat.1 family, dear Birgit.”

At the end of 2019, Birgit Schrowange turned her back on her cult program “Extra” after 25 years on RTL. At that time, she stated in a statement that she actually wanted to say goodbye to TV completely: “I am very lucky to be healthy and I want to have more time for my private life and for things that I enjoy and that fulfill me.”


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