Birol Ünel: "Gegen die Wand" star died in a Berlin hospital

The actor Birol Ünel is dead. He was known to many film fans above all for his roles in the productions of Fatih Akin.

Birol Ünel is dead. The actor died after suffering from cancer at the age of 59, as the "Bild" newspaper reports. "Birol Ünel died on Thursday afternoon in a Berlin hospital," confirmed Shermin Langhoff (51), director of the Maxim Gorki Theater. Allegedly, Ünel is said to have been in the hospital since mid-August and not woke up after an operation.

A special light

The actor, who was born in Silifke, Turkey, was active in the theater and in film. He was best known for his roles in the films of director Fatih Akin (47). For "Gegen die Wand" (2004) he was awarded the German Film Prize for best leading actor – he was also seen in "In July" and "Soul Kitchen", among others.

Shortly after the news of Ünel's death became known, Akin spoke on Instagram. He published a picture of the actor in a suit and with a beer can in hand, and wrote: "Rest in peace, my friend. You had a light in you that has always overwhelmed me." Acting colleague Lars Eidinger (44) said in a comment: "Unbelievable".