Birth gifts – 10 special ideas to give away

What can you give baby and new parents for birth? We have put together some nice ideas! Little earthlings and parents are happy about that.

With classic gift ideas such as romper, pacifier chain, rattle or diaper cake (or diaper cupcakes!) You rarely do anything wrong. Because diapers and rompers in particular will surely need the young parents in abundance. If the parents already have enough initial equipment, it can of course also be something more unusual – bought or homemade. And: gifts don't have to be immediately usable, even gifts that last longer are a good idea!

10 special birth gifts

We have collected gift ideas for you that you can give for birth:

1. Sew the grain pillow yourself

The warmth soothes the belly of babies. For the individual touch you can sew the grain pillow yourself! Alternatively, you can here buy one.

2. Handprint set

Babies grow so fast. So that the first months are not quickly forgotten, is a Plaster cast from the little hand (or little foot) just the thing!

Plaster cast

3rd swaddle

The cloth is used to wrap the baby like a small cocoon to give it a feeling of security.

4. Diaper bag

A practical companion for parents, diapers, wet wipes, baby powder – everything with you and at hand! (Psst: You can also sew a diaper bag yourself!)

5. Summer tent for babies

So that the little earthly citizen is well protected in summer, but can be very close to the action, is one Summer tent just right for the vacation (or the garden).


6. Teether

By the time of the first teeth a helps Teether or a Bite chain. From colorful chains to rings with mythical creatures, everything is available!

7. Cuddle cloth

A Comforter accompanies the baby and is always at his side. Such scarves come in all shapes and colors, whether a little bear, bunny or sheep – the baby will love it.

8. Personalized children's book

It still cannot understand the story or read it itself, but one personalized children's book will surely accompany the new earthling for a few years in childhood!


9. Toy organizer

He sews or bought one of his favorite toys fixed place!

10. Creative yardstick

They are available in wood, as wall decals or in paper: Growth meter keep memories and the little ones are proud of how big they are!

Birth gifts for mother

It is wonderful that the baby is finally here and as charming as it is: we should not forget about mom – and of course not about father. As gifts for the new parents, you can, for example, one personal voucher tinker e.g. B. for babysitting, cooking or shopping, so that the two can take a break.

Practical everyday gifts are also welcome. A lovely gesture are, for example, homemade nursing balls (energy balls) for the mother, as well as audio books (for the nursing period). But also a voucher for one Carrying advice can be a practical gift, especially if it is the first child. And one or the other new mother will surely be happy about it Massage vouchers (as a home visit!) …

Do you want to give even more joy? Here you will find nice ideas for baptism gifts! Tip: In the Brigitte Community you can exchange ideas about the perfect gift with others!

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