Birth report: "Birth has given me strength"

Real birth reports: In this series, women share their birth experiences with us. This time Sahra writes about her inner strength, which she discovered thanks to her midwife.

We want to start to represent births as they really are. Honest, but always positive: Because the magic of a new life should not be weakened by horror stories. For this we started an appeal with the association Motherhood e.V. and asked women to report on their birth. Sahra is one of them. In this episode she especially thanks her midwife.

A midwife used to be part of a birth for most women. It's different today. But the demand has not decreased – it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a midwife. Their function at birth should not be underestimated. That shows the birth report of Sahra. Thanks to the support of her midwife, she was able to experience the birth she had wished for – and thus went against the recommendation of the doctors.

Real birth report: How a midwife gave Sahra new confidence

"In 2017, I gave birth to my twins Maximillian and Marlene in the 38th week of the Florence Nightingale Hospital (FNK) in Düsseldorf.

A natural birth was very important to me from the beginning, because a caesarean section would only be an option for me in an emergency. Both twins lay with their heads down and the weight and development spoke nothing against a natural birth – the risks and complications were explained to us very clearly beforehand.

Midwives accompanied me through labor for 11 hours

The FNK relies on a midwifery-led birth – the doctors only arrive shortly before the birth. And so the midwives wonderfully accompanied me through the contractions for 11 hours. I spent the first few hours after the blister jump and the onset of labor in the bathtub. As the contractions got worse, we tried various light pain relievers. Since a rapid birth was not foreseeable and I had already put a lot of energy into the "opening phase", we decided on a PDA when the pain increased.

The hospital in Kaiserswerth / Düsseldorf also offers a special variant here – the Walking PDA. You are not confined to your bed, you can move freely and also influence the dosage yourself. The pain is not completely suppressed, but the pain tips are taken. Thanks to a well-fitting PDA, I was able to sleep for a few hours in the morning before I went into the final sprint.

When the press contractions started, we thought it would be quick now, but the little man had wedged his shoulder and kept slipping back into the pelvis. After almost 2 hours of pressing, we decided on vacuum extraction.

Max was born with a swing

At the same time, a second midwife stabilized the second twin, as there was now more space in the stomach so that my daughter could not turn. The little mouse was still correct, but made no move to move towards the exit. The contractions of the uterus were too weak to get them in that direction.

Her heartbeats worsened and panic rose in me

With the help of the midwives, she was brought to the birth canal by the Kristeller handle and opening her amniotic sac. But even after almost 20 minutes, the mouse was not in the world and its heart tones deteriorated drastically. I was aware that these were exactly the complications that the doctors had previously described to us, and panic rose in me.

But my midwife trusted me and what women can do

The senior doctor decided to end the birth with an emergency surgery and called the surgical team. But my midwife trusted me and what women can do in those moments. With the last strength and a huge motivation team in the delivery room, I gave birth to my daughter Marlene 24 minutes after my son Maximilian.

Birth awakened a strength in me

This experience changed everything – of course because my children are now turning my life upside down every day. But birth gave me an inner self-confidence and strength that I would never have thought possible.

Yes, giving birth is painful, but experiencing this pain is a blessing. It is something absolutely unique, so special. I am infinitely grateful to have been able to experience this birth and thank my midwives for their trust and ability. "

Thanks for your story, Sahra!

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