Bitcoin, a threat? The Pentagon wants to investigate the “danger” of cryptos

The Pentagon frightened by Bitcoin? – We already knew that the White House had Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies established on the proof of work (PoW) in the viewfinder. Joe Biden wants to “eliminate” cryptominingif it does not become ” greener “. This time, it’s an agency of the Pentagon (Department of Defence) which announces that it is closely scrutinizing crypto-assets, to assess their threat level.

Pentagon agency wants to know all about Bitcoin & Co

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have become a subject ofintense surveillance in the USA. Various American services are on the warpath to evaluate the impact of exponential adoption crypto-assets.

As revealed to us in particular by the Washington Post, one of the agencies of the US Department of Defense, the DARPAwishes to launch a extensive study of the cryptosphere. This in order to estimate ” the threats “ for the national security represented by the rise of cryptos.

This Agency for Defense Advanced Research Projects – which is therefore attached to the Pentagon – engaged the crypto-company Inca-Digital to help him in his task of studying digital assets.

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An exhaustive census of all crypto-assets?

This study program is planned for a duration ofa year. According to one DARPA program manager, Mark Floodthis research aims to “mapping the universe of cryptocurrencies”.

And this, in enough detail to fight against the illicit uses crypto payment networks. In particular, money laundering and the financing of terrorism. But also the financing (through the theft of cryptocurrencies) of hostile regimes in the United States, like North Korea.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency considers, in fact, that fluctuations in the financial markets, such as that of cryptos, may be used as a weapon :

“We simply need to recognize that the financial sector can be a component of modern warfare in the future, and anything we can do to strengthen and protect the American financial sector (…) is beneficial. »

Mark Flood, DARPA Program Manager

The Pentagon is not alone in want to monitor Bitcoin and its ilk. Recall that last August, it was an agency belonging this time to the US Treasury Department – in this case theOFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) – who is fell hard on Tornado Cash. Do others mixers of crypto transactions, even entire anonymous blockchains like Monero (XMR), will be threatened by the DARPA research program? Only the future will tell us.

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