Bitcoin: after El Salvador, two new regions of the world are adopting BTC

Little by little, Bitcoin is making its nest – In June 2021, the Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele caused a sensation by announcing that he would make Bitcoin (BTC) a national currency from his country. On September 7, 2021, the Ley Bitcoin entered into force, thus making BTC the second legal tender currency in the country, in the same way as the US dollar. Two new regions are announcing today to adopt the king of cryptos: Prospera in Honduras, and the Portuguese islands of Madeira.

The Madeira Islands fully integrate Bitcoin into their economy

Since the adoption of Bitcoin speak salvador, many regions of the world have asked themselves the question of following this example. Despite the permanent threats from supranational bodies as the IMFwho take a very dim view of the success of cryptocurrencies decentralized – two brave little “Davids” have just joined El Salvador against these “Goliaths” of declining classical finance (and ultra-centralized).

The first zone concerned consists of the madeira islands, autonomous region of Portugal located off the Moroccan coast (north of the Spanish Canary Islands). Residents of this archipelago will no longer have to pay any tax when buying and then selling/using bitcoins, no more capital gains tax.

The President of the Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerquethus announced to the Bitcoin Conference 2022 from Miami:

“I believe in the future, and I believe in Bitcoin (…) [Notre gouvernement] will continue to work to create a fantastic environment for BTC in Madeira”

Twitter account @BitcoinMagazine

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The economic zone of Próspera in Honduras adopts BTC

The second area affected by this adoption of Bitcoin is the jurisdiction of Prosperaon the island of Roatán, off the north coast of Honduras. As the Forbes newspaper reports, the president of Próspera, Joel Bomgarwas also present during the Bitcoin Conference from Miami.

The leader also announced that residents of Próspera will not have more to paycapital gains tax on bitcoin exchanges, and that they can, in addition, pay their other taxes and duties to using cryptocurrency.

” [Bitcoin] will function as a legal tender currency (…) [nous allons aussi] issue bonds in BTC, in order to attract foreign investment directly into the country. »

Próspera in Honduras makes Bitcoin legal tender.
Twitter account @BitcoinMagazine

A little extra in this wave of Bitcoin adoption: the Mexico. Also present in Miami, the Mexican senator Indira Kempis strongly encouraged its president to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender in Mexico. Will President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also end up give in to the sirens of Bitcoin?

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