Bitcoin and crypto: ongoing attack on Atomic Wallet, 5 million users on alert

The famous crypto wallet Atomic Wallet is currently under attack, potentially endangering the bitcoins and crypto assets of its many users.

Atomic Wallet compromised?

Founded in 2018, announcing more than 5 million users and with a solid reputation, the crypto wallet Atomic Wallet allows the management of more than 500 crypto-assets, including Bitcoin, of course.

The wallet solution is however today in full storm, probably under the blow of an attack targeting the funds of its customers.

“We have received reports of compromised wallets. We are doing everything we can to investigate and analyze the situation. As soon as we have more information, we will share it accordingly. »

The first elements are starting to circulate, indicating that the attack (or the flaw) could be linked to a major update of the version of the web platform. As such, the exploited vulnerability could be completely offchainand concern a compromised server on which ordinary users have downloaded a malicious update.

Users report significant losses on social networks, without it being possible at the time of writing to confirm the magnitude and content.

More information on the Journal du Coin as the investigations progress.

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